Stormwater is rain and snow melt that runs off rooftops, paved streets, highways and parking lots. On developed sites, like at a port, or in a city, human activities can cause pollutants to accumulate on surfaces, which when it rains, drain to ditches and then to surface waters like rivers and lakes. The Port of Longview takes many actions to reduce the likelihood that pollutants will reach surface waters.

What does this mean?

We sweep. A lot. Both by hand and with sweeper trucks.

We have specific areas where activities are not allowed. 

We keep our trash receptacles under cover, so rainwater does not get in them.

We have ‘stormwater gardens’ and ‘wetlands in a box’ that filter potential pollutants that might run off or escape our preventive and cleaning efforts.   

We sample our stormwater before it leaves our facilities and work to continually improve our techniques and habits to have clean, healthy stormwater on and off the Port. 

Want to know more specifics? Check out our Best Management Practices


Stormwater Treatment Systems