Posted on: February 17, 2017

Cheers to the Port's Industrial Rail Corridor

A semi waiting to be loaded

Longview, WA– Handling cargo bound forGuatemala, the Port of Longview dischargedrailcars at its designated dry bulk facility,highlighting several benefits that come withdoing business at the Port of Longview.Arriving off the mainline via the Port’sdedicated Industrial Rail Corridor (IRC),nearly 5,000 metric tons of Canadian maltedbarley loaded to vessel at the Port’s Berth 2dry bulk facility. Berth 2 allows for cargo to be dumped from railcars onto a conveyor anddirectly loaded to vessel without interruption or excess handling.The IRC stretches 1.5 miles along the perimeter of the Port, allowing trains to move directlyfrom the mainline into the Port without waiting and is serviced by both BNSF and UPrailroads. In the upcoming year, the Port will add additional through track and sidings tomeet growing demand.“Our Industrial Rail Corridor is an invaluable asset in attracting bulk commodities, just as weanticipated,” said Business Development Manager Laurie Nelson-Cooley. “The expansionwill accommodate existing users and allow significant growth in attracting additional bulkcustomers.”The barley originated from Canadian Malting Company in Calgary and is bound forCevecería Centro Americana, also known as Central American Brewing. Malted barley isused for brewing, distilling and food markets.

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