Establishment of the Port of Longview was made possible by the 1911 Washington law that first authorized citizens to form port districts. In 1921 local citizens voted to authorize the creation of a port district and the Port of Kelso was established. Its history, including the change to the Port of Longview, spans almost a century.

The subpages of this history section highlight significant events during each decade that shaped the Port's history.
  1. Commission & Managers History

    View a listing of Port of Longview commissioners elected to office since 1921 and the length of their term in office, as well as information about the sole 6 managers who have overseen the Port in its history.

  2. 1920 - 1940

    Longview began as the dream of one man; Robert A. Long, who chose Longview as the site for the Long-Bell Lumber Company, at that time the largest lumber mill in the world.

  3. 1941 - 1960

    Compared to the hardships experienced during the 30s, World War II created new jobs, new industry, and brought economic growth to Cowlitz County.

  4. 1961 - 1979

    The 1960s brought booming retail and industrial growth and transportation improvements.

  5. 1980 - 1999

    The eruption of Mount St. Helens became the defining moment of the 1980s.

  6. 2000 - 2016

    One of the first acts of the 2000s was when the Port dedicated Berth 8, the newest berth in 30 years, on October 5, 2000.